Windows Communication Foundation

  • Pengantar Connected system
  • Apa itu ‘services’?
  • Service orientation
  • Pengenalan WCF
  • WCF Programming Model Basics
  • Pertanyaan seputar WCF
  • Arsitektur WCF Services Model
  • Programming services (struktur message, service contract, implementing service, hosting)
  • Konfigurasi services (Endpoints, behaviour)
  • Publish services metadata
  • Service exceptions
  • Arsitektur WCF Client Side
  • Client-side programming experience
  • Channel lifetime dan exception
  • Async invocation
  • Sharing contract assembly
  • Programming MEX
  • Web programming model (SOAP vs REST)
  • WCF 3.5 support (WebGet/WebInvoke, Webservice Host)
  • Web data format (RSS/Atom syndication, JSON/AJAX)

Durasi : 3 Hari Training (8 jam/hari, Total 24 jam)

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