Pelatihan Designing Data Warehouse and Data Visualization with SQL Server & Power BI (Pertamina Trans Kontinental)

Pada tanggal 30 Nov – 3 Des 2021 telah dilangsungkan pelatihan dengan topik Implementasi Data Warehouse and Data Visualization with SQL Server & MS Power BI. Pelatihan ini dilakukan secara offline di Actual Training Yogyakarta. Peserta pelatihan ini berasal dari Pertamina Trans Kontinental, Jakarta.

Adapun materi pada pelatihan ini adalah sebagai berikut:

Understanding the Fundamental Concepts of a Data Warehouse
o Goals of a Data Warehouse Solution
o Introduction to Dimensional Modeling
o Fact Tables and Facts
o Dimension Tables and Dimensions
o Star Schemas

Implementing Fact Tables

o Structure of a Fact Table
o Identifying the Facts
o Identifying the Keys
o Creating and Working with a Transaction Fact Table

Overview of an ETL System

o Types of Data Warehouse Loads
o Creating and Working with the Incremental Loads Table
o Populating a Dimension Table

Advantages of Using an ETL Tool

o Overview of SSIS
o Creating a New SSIS Project
o Creating Connection Managers
o Creating Control Flow Elements
o Creating and Working with Variables
o Adding Precedence Constraints
o Executing a SQL Task with Parameters

Loading a Data Warehouse with SSIS

o Designing Data Flow Elements
o Organizing Data in Containers
o Working with Package Parameters
o Adding Expressions to Tasks
o Deploying a Project in SQL Server

Power BI Fundamental

o Preparing data for Power BI (import, transform, filter)
o Creating data model in Power BI (data model, table relationship, calculation, measure)
o Creating Report (report development workflow, visualization, publication)

Visualizing Data from the Data Warehouse

o Creating a Semantic Layer
o The Multidimensional and Tabular Models
o Creating a Multidimensional Database in SSAS
o Analyzing Data from a SSAS Database
o Creating Interactive Reports
o Creating and Publishing a Report in Power BI
o Study Case from Client